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Written by Josh Diamond on 14 July 2023

Christian joins our team at the beginning of a period of rapid growth for Platform. We’re working on a wide range of projects for clients including Enarem, Smile Kitchens, Scouts, NHS England, to name just a few. Our development team has been bolstered, at a time our schedule is becoming very busy, with the addition of Christian, who adds more resource to our front-end skillset.

Having trained himself during the pandemic following a career as a footballer, Christian’s experience covered HTML, CSS including Sass, and bespoke WordPress development. During the first few weeks, working with our Lead Developers, Christian has been brought up to speed on the specifics of how we work, including setting up our projects locally, to pushing work to staging and live environments using version controlled code review and deployment tools..

We work using enterprise-level coding packages and processes, ensuring our clients can see our work before it is live to the public, and that thorough reviews and testing takes place both internally and externally before launch. Our deployment platforms allow us to push work to staging and live environments within seconds, ensuring downtime is a thing of the past.

When new clients onboard with us, we carry out comprehensive client workshops as well as internal briefings, and it’s been already valuable to have Christian take part in these, and pass his knowledge onto both clients and our internal team.

Christian, who joined us earlier this year, said: “It’s fantastic to join a team that are willing to go above and beyond to not only make you feel welcome, but also pass on their skills and knowledge. I’ve picked up how Platform work very quickly, and look forward to getting stuck in to even more projects as we grow.”

We’re currently recruiting, adding another three people to our team: Junior Developer, UX Designer, and Account Manager. We will also begin the recruitment process for a Business Development Executive in early August. If you fancy joining us, head to our careers page to find out more and begin a conversation with us.

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