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Written by Martin Sylvester on 2 August 2023

As part of their 2022/2023 regional strategy, NHS England are investing in a digital framework to help both those with qualifications, and those without, find out more about roles within Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism (MHLDA).

Mental health has become a prominent and widely discussed topic in recent times, especially during the recent pandemic. There has been a significant increase in public awareness and understanding, and this shift in awareness has led to more open conversations about mental health and reduced the stigma surrounding it.

Health Education England, who recently merged with NHS England, approached us with a brief for the design and development of their new platform. The platform will support a number of strategic goals: raise awareness of, and develop clear pathways to discover careers in all areas of MHLDA; showcase success stories of real individuals, showing how their success was achieved and the positions they have gained; and encourage students to register their interest in placements in these roles.

The platform will serve as a powerful tool to connect with a diverse audience, from the general public individual who may be looking to start a career, to those already within the NHS, those taking a course, or those working in the social sector. The online solution will deliver impactful content both in the form of a resource libary, and also as an interactive ‘find a role’ feature.

Working in partnership with NHS England, our team will collaborate closely with key stakeholders during the consultancy phase. This will enable us to align our work with their strategic objectives and identify the key individuals who will contribute to the platforms resources upon its launch.

This initiative is the first project of many future collaborations with the NHS – the next projects already in discussion – as we continue our commitment to drive positive change in the healthcare sector, and look forward to sharing the stories and impact of the project shortly.

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