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Written by Martin Sylvester on 6 November 2023

In 2015, founders Jamaine Campbell, Jack Vernon, and Nicola Campbell set up Elite Dynamics with a mission to revolutionise the Holiday Park industry. With a background in the industry, and recognising the challenges posed by archaic and legacy software systems, the trio set out to digitally transform the sector.

Today, Elite Dynamics is a multimillion-pound business and is the preeminent Microsoft solutions provider in back-office software solutions for Holiday Parks, Marinas, Holiday Home Dealers, and Manufacturers industries.

With eight years of sustained growth, the company continues to expand, year after year. To propel their growth, the business is investing in their digital strategy, partnering with us for the build of a marketing website designed to convey their software solutions to the 4 key industry sectors they specalise in.

Elite Dynamics’ prospectives are to give their audience an in-depth understanding of their comprehensive software solutions through a customer-centric website that educates them. and has an enriched user experience.

The new website, currently in development, will open new doors across their sectors, generating more inbound business. The revised site structure will help prospective customers in navigating their solutions that match their needs and requirements

The build of a bespoke customer portal will support existing customers, keeping them engaged and informed with the latest platform releases, and facilitating upselling opportunities for the consultancy team.

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