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Written by Martin Sylvester on 29 November 2023

Online event management platforms can help improve efficiency and organisation throughout the planning process for an event. They can help provide participants with easy access to key event information, registration, and updates, ensuring a convenient experience for everyone involved.

These event platforms contribute to data accuracy – minimising errors associated with manual tasks, and can include analytics tools for insightful post-event analysis. Ultimately, event management platforms save both time and costs, allowing organisers to allocate resources more effectively and improve the overall success of events.

Founded in 2016, Scouts EMS was created by volunteers who had one simple aim: to take the paperwork and hassle out of organising large-scale Scouting and Girlguiding events. The team behind Scout Websites (Platform.. that’s us!), acquired Scouts EMS in 2022, having now re-written the platform from scratch, using the blueprints from the existing system.

Now boasting even more functionality than before, and a constantly evolving infrastructure, the goal is to create the most advanced online platform for running Scouting and Girlguiding events.

Today, Scouts EMS is a powerful custom-made web application built on Laravel. Due to the nature of The Scouts and Girlguiding, safeguarding and security measures were a primary requirement for the rebuild of the platform. The Scouts EMS platform is the go-to event management platform for Scouts and Girlguiding and is widely embraced for both small-scale gatherings such as Group Camps right through to large-scale county events across the County Events and International Adventures.

Its popularity attests to its effectiveness in streamlining the planning and execution of diverse events within the Scouting and Girlguiding communities, solidifying its position as a trusted and widely adopted solution for event coordination.

 Primary Scouts EMS platform features include:

–  A simple and scalable easy-to-use web application.
– Young people, leaders, and event volunteers can book and manage their events via the platform.
– Collecting and managing payments via card or bank transfer.
– A full suite of reporting tools including medical and financial data.
– Working seamlessly with wristbanding technology and on-site of the event with QR or RFID scanning for ease.

Read more about the Scouts EMS platform here

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