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A web application used to match supply teachers to a local school with a need, every morning, allowing schools to operate normally, whilst ensuring prompt payment.

First, here’s a quick overview. 👀

Discovery and creative producing a brand strategy including guidelines, logo, photography and digital toolkits.
A progressive web application built with a Vue front-end, and a Laravel back-end, delivering enterprise-level security and performance.
Powerful AWS-provided hosting infrastructure set-up and monitoring to support user demand and business scaling.

Cohesive brand identity

SupplyWell required a cohesive brand strategy to establish an identity that would permeate across all touchpoints with their key audiences – supply teachers and schools.

We undertook their brand development project, with the result being several brand deliverables including logo, brand guidelines, brand photography, and several digital toolkits.

These assets play a pivotal role in shaping and refining the visual representation of the brand, and provide a framework for consistent and impactful communications across every channel.

Progressive web app

SupplyWell is a tech-led venture with the goal of transforming flexibility and ensuring both wellbeing and fair earnings are a priority for supply teachers within education. For schools, SupplyWell ensures supply teachers can be found and quickly and easily.

Pivotal to the success of the business is the online technology that matches supply teachers to school requirements every single day, giving teachers everything they need to carry out their temporary role, as well as ensuring they are paid promptly. The app manages timesheets and pay, offers perks and benefits for the use of SupplyWell on an on-going basis, as well as managing absence and wellbeing using intelligent algorithms.

Vue is used for the creation of the front-end interface, enabling an instant, lightweight experience, integrating directly with the back-end system which is written using Symfony. This allows for versatile reactive data binding, which means that any back-end data amendments are instantly reflected in the user interface.